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Top 10 Most Read 2018 Green Lodging News Website Articles

Glenn Hasek

Each week in the Green Lodging News e-newsletter, I include a list of the most read articles from the previous month. With 2018 winding down, I was curious to know which stories, posted in 2018, experienced the most reads. Here then is a list of those top 10 stories ranked from the most read on down. If you have not read the articles, be sure to check them out!

1. Marriott Push Toward Shower Dispensers to Reduce Waste, Trim Costs. Marriott unveiled its new shower-toiletry program for the five brands that make up the bulk of its properties—Courtyard, Fairfield, Residence Inn, Springhill Suites and TownePlace Suites.

2. With Recyclable Linens, Entrepreneur Seeks to Revolutionize Laundry Operations. Hotel industry veteran Richard Ferrell, President of Pürlin, LLC, is aiming to revolutionize how sheets and pillow cases are managed in hotels across the United States. His company’s linens are not laundered; instead, after being used by a guest they are picked up to be 100 percent recycled. Watch for more news about this project in early 2019.

3. Housekeeping Opt-Out Programs a Key Component in Marriott, UNITE HERE Negotiations. This article looks at the negative side of housekeeping opt out programs.

4. Suppliers Step Up with Alternatives to the Plastic Toothbrush. Each year, billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills or the oceans. Many of those toothbrushes originate in hotels—whether given to guests individually, in amenity packs, or sold in a retail shop. The plastic toothbrushes join the bottles, straws, stir sticks, utensils and other items that complicate the plastic waste problem currently getting worse around the planet. Fortunately for hoteliers, eco-friendlier alternatives to the plastic toothbrush are now available.

5. Innovations in Reducing Soil Erosion. Soil is a vital resource. Crops require it for production of the world’s food, yet the very people who are fed by those crops often do things that permit erosion of the soil. The buildup of silt in waterways and municipal storm sewers has caused flooding and damage to property, resulting in an ever-growing need to reduce soil erosion.

6. HITEC Wrapup—Guestroom Energy Management Innovations Grab Most Attention. HITEC, the lodging industry’s leading technology trade show, was held at the LEED Silver George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston June 18 to 21. Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) announced that the event broke barriers as the highest attended event in the association’s history with over 6,650 attendees. There were approximately 400 exhibitors, many of whom displayed their latest innovations to help reduce energy consumption in the guestroom. Other exhibitors concentrated on other aspects of sustainability—indoor air quality, for example.

7. Maytag Commercial Laundry Introduces New Multi-Load Washer. Building on decades of commercial laundry experience, Maytag Commercial Laundry is introducing the newest innovation to its full lineup of solutions this summer—the Maytag Multi-Load Washer. Designed to continually handle large, heavy loads of laundry turn after turn, the Maytag Multi-Load Washer can be configured in hundreds of different ways, allowing owners and property managers to choose among different water heating, electrical connection, controls, drain, water inlet, and construction options.

8.  Legrand to Preview Solar Powered Umbrella for USB Charging. Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and network infrastucture solutions, showcased its portfolio of hospitality-focused products at HD Expo 2018—one the products was a solar powered umbrella for USB charging.

9. Poland’s Biotrem Develops Tableware Collection Made from Wheat Bran. Greener alternatives to paper, plastic or polystyrene plates, cups, bowls, utensils and other items have been available to the hospitality market for years, but none may be as unique as those developed by Poland-based Biotrem. “We make innovative products from wheat bran,” the company’s website says. And yes, they are edible.

10. With Sustainability as Her Focus, Claire Cutting Maps Out Marriott, Starwood Integration. When Marriott International, Inc. acquired Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. in late 2016, creating the world’s largest hotel company, it wisely kept much of Starwood’s top talent. One of those individuals crossing over to Marriott was Claire Cutting, at the time the Manager, Global Citizenship for Starwood.

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