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Poland’s Biotrem Develops Tableware Collection Made from Wheat Bran


CORAL GABLES, FLA.—Greener alternatives to paper, plastic or polystyrene plates, cups, bowls, utensils and other items have been available to the hospitality market for years, but none may be as unique as those developed by Poland-based Biotrem. “We make innovative products from wheat bran,” the company’s website says. And yes, it is edible.

Biotrem’s wheat bran tableware production process was invented by Jerzy Wysocki, whose family’s milling traditions date back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Biotrem’s modern production facility offers a wide range of fully biodegradable tableware and cutlery produced from natural wheat bran.

Made in Poland, the items consist primarily of wheat bran and small amounts of water. The rest is done by high pressure and high temperature. From one ton of pure, edible wheat bran, Biotrem can produce up to 10,000 units of plates or bowls. The items are fully biodegradable—through composting—in 30 days.

Suitable for Hot, Cold Meals

The disposable wheat bran tableware is suitable for serving hot and cold meals. It can be safely used in classic ovens or microwave ovens.

Biotrem’s current production line performance is estimated at approximately 15 million pieces of biodegradable disposable plates or bowls a year. The company has a modern production plant in Zambrow—located in an ecologically clean, traditionally agricultural region of Poland—and has permanent access to high quality, GMO free, raw material.

Biotrem’s plates, bowls and cutlery, which come in various sizes, can be customized and branded. They are available in the United States through Veri Food LLC, Coral Gables, Fla.

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