Vendor Videos

videoclip222The lodging industry’s leading suppliers explain the environmental benefits of their products and services through video. Interested in including your company here? Contact Glenn Hasek, publisher and editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at: greenlodgingnews@gmail.comClick here for advertising rates. (Readers, click video screen capture to play video. To expand to full screen, click in lower right after clicking screen capture.)

Ready to Reopen

This is exactly the disinfection system you are looking for—built to use tap water, engineered to clean & disinfect in one easy step, and clearly a tool to help navigate the process of reopening. The proprietary TANCS® technology is engineered to outperform chemical disinfectants—killing more germs in 3 seconds than 20-minute exposure to bleach.

Eco Pod Powder Based Amenities

Revolutionary zero plastic single-use powder based amenities, Eco Pod gives hotels worldwide a one-stop solution to face plastic waste and bacteria contamination. With its waterless formula and fully compostable packaging, hotels can now lower their carbon footprint as guests enjoy a responsible bathing experience.


Eliminate the worst job in the kitchen: scrubbing pots and pans. The D-CARBONATOR soak tank from ChemxWorks removes carbon buildup and the worst fats, oil and grease using heated water in combination with our safe, eco-friendly and proprietary detergent CarbonZyme®. To learn more visit


Every kitchen needs grease management and the Trapzilla Super-Capacity Grease Interceptor is the pinnacle of grease separation and storage. If you are looking to add an IDC for LEEDv4.1, look no further than Trapzilla, the one stop grease management for all your needs. To learn more visit

Big Dipper

Every time your kitchen staff cleans dishes, they are flushing a valuable resource down the drain. Grease from kitchen waste can be transformed into fuel, but only if it is captured and dewatered. With over 35 years of experience, Big Dipper knows how to transform your kitchen into a waste-free space. Learn more

CKI Solutions: Products Developed to Withstand the Rigorous Use by Hotels

Efficiency and sustainability go far beyond just keeping mattresses out of landfills. Our Easy Care 360 has a fully removable zip-off top, which requires less water, electricity and detergent. It is also certified by National Allergy. This can also be purchased with an interchangeable double knit or polyester zip-off top. To learn more about our full line of products, please visit:

Aquamenities Soap Shampoo Dispenser Fixture

Amenity station by Aquamenities the first elegant way to present your hotel amenities and help save the planet from the billions of small amenity bottles dropped into our landfills every year. Just 1 Amenity Station takes over 1000 bottles and just over 6 gallons of wasted product per room out of our landfills every year. Imagine the power of thousands!!!