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Powerful Public Relations & Marketing from Hasek Communications


Glenn Hasek, Publisher, and Editor of Green Lodging News has also been a public relations consultant for 22 years—as President of Hasek Communications, helping suppliers grow their brand through press releases, case studies, white papers, and more. In many instances these public relations vehicles have resulted in media coverage as well as direct leads.

For Suppliers: When to Issue a Press Release

There are many reasons to issue a press release but the companies that make the most noise are heard the most in the media. Whether you are introducing a new product, a new hire, marking a special occasion, announcing a donation, or just highlighting the success of what your company is doing, a press release can quickly alert tens of thousands of industry stakeholders.

Utilizing Green Lodging News as well as paid press release distribution services such as Hotel Online, Hotel News Resource and Hospitality Net, coverage is guaranteed. Your release will also be sent to every hospitality industry media outlet.

On whatever website your press release appears, it will be archived for years to come—guaranteeing up to thousands more impressions to add to those that occur once your release is issued.

Click here for one example of a press release that was just completed for CKI Solutions.

Suppliers/Vendors Case Studies

Most suppliers have many success stories to tell, with documentation of the energy, water or waste that their products have saved. Or perhaps it was a product or service that improved guest satisfaction. What most companies almost never do is tell their story in the form of a case study that can be issued to the media and to potential customers as well. Yes, it requires the cooperation of a satisfied customer or customers, but it can be very worthwhile to write a case study—a marketing tool to get the media’s attention while generating new business at the same time.

Click here for one example of a case study that was written for Advanced Vapor Technologies.

For Your Property, Ownership Group, Management Company, etc.

Perhaps your property or company is running a special promotion, is doing something good in the community, has hired a new manager, installed solar panels or other green technology, or opened or added a new property. Glenn Hasek can assist you in garnering publicity for your efforts on a local, state, national, or even international level. It can be a one-time project or on an ongoing basis. Targets can include print, radio, TV, online, and social media. Call to learn more!

Additional Marketing Services

Glenn Hasek also partners with highly experienced graphic designer Juan Quirarte to bring you the best help with ad, brochure, or other marketing material design.

How to Contact Glenn Hasek

Glenn Hasek, President of Hasek Communications, can be reached by phone at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at greenlodgingnews@gmail.com.