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Russkap Holdings, LLC Announces Touch-less Water Dispensing Unit


MIAMI—“No-touch dispensing process helps prevent the spread of COVID 19 in your home or office,” states Russkap Holdings CEO Ed Russo, a leading environmental expert in clean water. The unit is available for schools, hospitals, offices, military, and replaces existing water fountains.

“The Tiffany AWG model is currently the only model on the market that offers no-touch dispensing, while using the EPA recommended ozone treatment for clean, safe water for all,” says Russkap President Yehuda Kaploun.

Once plugged in, there is no need for anyone possibly spreading germs, bringing water to your home or office.

Safe, Secure, Clean Water Source

Russkap Holdings is the leader in providing atmospheric water generation technology and is working to help provide and create a safe, secure and clean water source, while adhering to the USA government recommendations.

The TIFFANY unit produces up to 10 gallons of pure drinking water per day with a 7 gallon holding tank, and is of the highest quality, most durable unit available on the market (Made in the USA).

The need for buying plastic water bottles or adding additional piping is eliminated, as this is a plug-in unit, and one can start drinking water in as little as 12 hours.

Using the EPA recommended ozone disinfectant process for water has allowed Russkap to quickly become the leading standard of quality, safe water in the AWG industry.

Russkap is the exclusive distributor for AWG Water.