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Hospitality Air Solutions Steps Up Environmental Commitment


ADDISON, TEXAS—Hospitality Air Solutions, a supplier of heating and air-conditioning equipment to the lodging industry, has increased its commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment by partnering with companies that manufacture highly efficient products. Most recently, the company has joined with Daikin to sell its energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment.

Daikin selected Hospitality Air Solutions exclusively for its North American lodging sector sales. Daikin’s VRV system, which Hospitality Air Solutions is now selling, uses the latest technology and offers a high degree of energy efficiency. Daikin gives hotels the capability to control the temperature of their facility—room by room and floor by floor.

In addition, Daikin’s longer pipe design has benefited new properties and old properties alike that have introduced the VRV system to replace the outdated 2/4 pipe heating and cooling systems. With this design, the distance between outdoor and indoor units can be up to 492 feet, thus allowing for suitable applications.

Daikin has received the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for developing non-ozone-depleting refrigerants. Their research is committed to developing a new generation of refrigerants and HVAC systems that are eco-friendly.

“Daikin’s past, present, and future displays their commitment to the environment,” says Tim Tanner, president of Addison, Texas-based Hospitality Air Solutions. “Alongside Hospitality Air Solutions, a team has been formed with the utmost commitment to improving our environment.”

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