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Minibar Systems Introduces New Energy-Efficient Smartcube


ROCKVILLE, MD.—A new product from Minibar Systems combines cutting-edge technology, upgradeability, eco-friendly materials, upscale design, and a strong in-room retail profit potential for hoteliers. Smartcube is designed to give hoteliers maximum flexibility in all areas of minibar operations.

Smartcube features Peltier cooling systems, glass door designs with sensors for products, unlimited product choices and the unique ability to upgrade the technology, modify the configuration and change the look at any time.

Smartcube is manufactured to the technical specifications of the industry and is available in both insertable and stand-alone models. To enhance visibility and guest usage, an exterior and interior lighting package has been incorporated utilizing blue and white crystal LEDs. The LEDs are particularly effective for furniture installations where minibars are typically in dark areas that are hard to see by guests.

One of the most innovative technical features is Smartcube’s ability to upgrade its technology seamlessly from classic honor bar or semi-automated to fully automated without interrupting the daily operation. The fully automated model of Smartcube uses infrared sensing technology. Sales are immediately and accurately posted to the guests’ folio in real time, greatly reducing the amount of labor needed by hotels to service the minibars. The automatic locking and unlocking of Smartcube’s electronic lock is controlled by the hotel’s PMS system, eliminating the need for keys.

The Smartcube software (S3) is Windows driven and designed to operate on the hotel’s network. S3 features one-click buttons for easy use and quick staff training benefits. S3 also communicates in real time with each Smartcube minibar in the hotel as well as each minibar attendant. Live updates are sent via Bluetooth wireless technology to handheld units carried by the staff.

Smartcube brings a new level of accuracy never before seen in the minibar industry. S3 gives hoteliers the ultimate in control with features such as perpetual inventory, automatic daily reconciling, individual sensor fault reporting, detailed maintenance reporting via e-mail, happy hour and special pricing, expired product tracking, and employee efficiency monitoring. A full selection of customizable reports giving up to date information can be viewed, sorted, and exported to other programs for further integration and analysis.

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