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Hobart Introduces New CL Conveyor Type Commercial Dishwasher Line


TROY, OHIO—Hobart has introduced its new CL conveyor type commercial dishwasher series with features designed to save time and money and simplify operation. The series has been awarded the 2024 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Show (NRA) due to its cutting-edge technology.

“We are honored to be recognized by NRA for this innovation in commercial dishwashing equipment and are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in high-volume washing technology,” said Jaehan Kim, Product Manager for Hobart Warewash. “With simplified and improved cleaning and maintenance features, the CL offers unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability. Whether our customers are focused on addressing labor challenges or advancing sustainability efforts, they can rely on the CL to deliver top-notch performance.”

Hobart engineered the CL conveyor type dishwashers to provide the lowest installation and operating costs in the industry for this class of equipment. The dish machines include a low connected load that provides easy replacement into existing electric utilities, along with a reduced rinse rate to lessen water, energy, and chemical consumption. CL Advansys and DWER models also include Drain Water Energy Recovery, which recycles heat energy from hot drain water to preheat cold water going into the booster. These unique features offer an annual savings of up to 102,000 gallons of water and up to $2,320 operating costs (based on CL44 Advansys versus CL44 Base washing 550 racks/day with gas facility heat).

Complete Delime with Booster Guard

The Hobart-exclusive Complete Delime with Booster Guard lets operators know when it’s time to delime the machine, then automatically pumps delimer into the machine, including the booster, to extend machine life. To simplify and speed daily machine cleaning, the CL conveyor dishwashers have capless wash arms. Operators save time by not having to remove and replace caps or worry about losing them.

For added labor savings, Automatic Soil Removal, available on the Advansys models, pumps food soil out of the wash water and into an easy to empty, external scrap basket. This allows operators to let more food soil go in, which cuts pre-scrapping labor time. It also keeps wash water cleaner for longer, to reduce daily wash-water changes by as much as 50 percent to save time and money.

The simple, intuitive Smart Touchscreen is easy to see and use, provides diagnostics and troubleshooting, and connects through WiFi to the Hobart SmartConnect app. This allows managers to track and log temperatures, see how their machine is performing and get email alerts if there’s an error—features designed to improve productivity and maximize machine uptime.