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Green Suites’ Dispenser Program Takes Giant Chunk Out of Aramark’s Amenity Waste


PHILADELPHIA—Aramark, the authorized concessionaire in several national parks, recently announced that the company, with the aid of national hotel supplier Green Suites International, has prevented more than five million amenity packages from entering landfills near several national park sites.

Traditional one-ounce bottles of shampoo, lotions and soap bars have been replaced with an amenity dispenser program, created by Upland, Calif.-based Green Suites. The program provides a sanitary, safe and cost-effective way to preserve the environment while pleasing hotel guests with an unlimited amount of natural, high quality personal care products.

“Its been the right thing to do in every way,” says Carl Mittleman, regional vice president of the West region of Aramark Harrison Lodging. “We have stewardship responsibility in our national parks. This is just one of our many efforts.”

According to Green Suites, this effort alone already has reduced landfill waste by nearly 20,000 cubic feet and cut the pollution of transporting individually packaged products to the lodges by 60 percent.

This initiative is one in a long list of environmental efforts by Aramark. In national parks such as Denali in Alaska, Mesa Verde in Colorado, Shenandoah in Virginia, and Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas on the border of Utah and Arizona, Aramark has installed permanent shampoo, lotion and soap dispensers in all lodge rooms.

Additionally, the company was awarded the 2004 Travel Industry Association Odyssey Environmental Award for its environmental initiatives and sponsorship of guest participation environmental programs.

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