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Encore Hospitality Carpet Debuts fREEForm Collection at HD Expo


LAS VEGAS—Based on the world beneath the surface of the water, the movement of water and waves, and where the land meets the sea, the fREEForm collection by Encore Hospitality Carpet is making its debut May 15 to 17 in Las Vegas at HD Expo 2019. More than 20 hospitality flooring designs made with 100 percent solution-dyed Zeftron nylon are part of Encore’s entire suite of flooring products being introduced at Encore’s booth, #2843.

Ideally suited for hospitality environments ranging from guestrooms to public spaces, all designs within the collection draw inspiration from the natural wonder of reefs, including the exotic and mythical creatures that occupy them, as well as the way light reflects both above and below the water’s surface.

Encore’s HD Expo booth design will showcase several breathtaking features such as a life-size aquarium wall, a sea urchin panel made with poms of Zeftron nylon and a mermaid corner. Visitors to the booth will have the chance to win a free Apple watch during a drawing on Wednesday and Thursday of the show. Additionally, for every design specified from the fREEForm Collection, Encore will donate a portion of sales to The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), a nonprofit organization that seeks to address reef threats across the globe.

‘Hidden Treasures of Amazing Patterns’

“The wonder of the ocean and the beauty of life beneath the waves is the inspiration behind this collection,” said Encore’s Creative Director, Lisa Herreth. “Bright teals and turquoises of the water are accented with violet purples and corals with hints of green. All the colors are then balanced with cool greys and navy. There are hidden treasures of amazing patterns and colors in the deep abyss that are shown within the collection.”

The fREEForm styles containing Zeftron nylon for the public spaces, corridors and guestrooms are available in broadloom and carpet tile at various ounce weights to suit various project requirements. Zeftron’s solution-dyed color quality and vibrant color palette enhance each of the eye-catching designs, along with its superior styling flexibility and durability.

Using a range of Zeftron blues from “Deeper Navy” to reflect the depths of the ocean floor to the brighter “Electric Blue,” the designs incorporate an array of vibrant, jewel toned colors to capture the spirit of ocean life. Other shades taken from the Zeftron color palette include colors such as “Ice Green,” “Twilight Green,” “Apricot,” and even “Face Powder” to reflect sea life such as coral reefs.

Corridors & Public Space Designs

Utilized in the underwater, aquarium-style designs for corridors and public spaces is Encore’s Colorpoint Technology, which offers luxurious textures in varying heights through cut and loop construction. With enhanced distance between each cut and loop, a more sculpted, plush and sophisticated look begins to emerge. The total effect creates an inviting atmosphere of color and sense of movement through varying shades and textures.

Other products being introduced by Encore include Injection Dyed print, and the unveiling of Axminster and AX tile, both of which are ideal for high traffic public areas and corridors, or area rugs. Injection Dyed print uses state-of-the-art high-resolution technology and allows for unlimited color options and unmatched clarity, creating virtually unlimited design possibilities. Axminster is an exciting new addition to round out the offerings and provides a durable woven solution using an 80/20 wool blend with infinite custom design opportunities in both broadloom and tile applications.

Guestroom Designs

Incorporating influences of fish, reef and the flow of the ocean, guestroom products are made using Encore’s Infinity Technology, which as reflected in its name, creates infinite design patterns and infinite pile heights. Made from cut and loop construction with a strapped and tufted effect, these highly textural-looking patterns have a luxurious aesthetic and will be offered in up to four different colors. The colorways, pattern designs and construction of each product create multiple looks with varying shades.