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SportsArt Fights Climate Change in Caribbean


MIAMI—SportsArt, the green fitness company, is offering individuals residing in and visiting the Caribbean an opportunity to contribute directly to the fight against climate change while exercising and staying healthy. The innovative SportsArt company produces gym equipment that converts human energy expended during exercise, in a gym or at home, into utility grade electricity.

SportsArt ECO-POWR is a line of cardio equipment that harnesses human energy produced throughout a workout and converts it into utility grade electricity, offsetting the facility’s power consumption and reducing its carbon footprint. According to Jaime Fairfoot, Director of Sales and Business Development for SportsArt, this “will not only reduce energy, but will actually produce it.”

Fairfoot explained: “Not only do you break a sweat, but you power your workout. Your sweat is not wasted because the machines are plugged into an outlet, and once a user jumps on a machine, they are instantly harnessing their energy that then goes back into the grid through the electrical source.”

If contributing directly to reducing climate change is not enough, Fairfoot added green exercise machines also encourage users to complete their entire exercise routines. “These machines can show users how much electricity they’re producing, which often incentivizes them to meet their exercise targets.”

Up to 250 Watts Per Hour

By converting human energy into electricity, a single gym machine can generate up to 250 watts per hour with the nonmotorized technology, allowing up to 74 percent of energy generated to be fed into the grid.

Furthermore, Fairfoot said: “Exercisers sweating away on the green machines cannot only control the time, distance and calories they target, but they can also choose the amount of watts to send to the grid.”

SportsArt is responding to three key travel trends : hotels are going green, hotel guests want to stay healthy, and guests are demanding sustainable travel options.

The explosion of fitness clubs, boutique and high-end fitness spas around the world, along with hotels, resorts and villas , has created a market for such green machines. Fairfoot contended: “When people go to gyms and spas they want two things: community with a purpose and a quantifiable contribution to change for good. At SportsArt we are delighted to fulfill these growing demands.”