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A.O. Smith Introduces New High-Efficiency Modulating VF Boiler


ASHLAND CITY, TENN.—A. O. Smith has introduced a new high-efficiency modulating VF boiler. This boiler replaces the A. O. Smith Legend. The VF boiler is a totally new design that provides up to 88 percent thermal efficiency while maintaining low NOx emissions that are better for the environment.

The vertical tube design allows for a large heat transfer area, which maximizes efficiency, while maintaining the small footprint ideal for retrofit applications and multiple boiler installations. The VF boiler can be direct vented for up to 70 equivalent feet of intake and exhaust piping, and it can also be sidewall vented for up to 100 equivalent feet when combustion air is taken from the boiler room.

The unit uses a 360-degree stainless steel burner with a metal fiber alloy sheath. The 360-degree firing assures consistent heat distribution and reliable performance under all conditions. The VF boiler’s modulating capabilities prevents energy-stealing short cycling, providing not only higher boiler efficiencies, but also smoother system operation and higher overall system efficiencies.

The unit also features an LCD control panel that includes every boiler function from starting the blower and igniting and modulating the main burner to controlling boiler temperature and boiler pump operation. The comprehensive display panel shows current boiler status and precise temperature management within one degree Fahrenheit, and it also utilizes self-diagnostics to eliminate guesswork by pinpointing problems for troubleshooting.

Servicing the new VF boiler is not an issue because the unit was designed with this in mind from its inception. All serviceable parts are accessible from the front of the boiler, and service access panels or doors provide ample room to get the job done.

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