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Maker of Corn-based Key Cards Honored by Boston Mayor


BOSTON—Recognizing Arthur Blank & Co. Inc. as an innovator of environmentally friendly plastic card products, Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino recently presented the company with the 2007 Boston Green Business Award. Arthur Blank & Co., a leader in plastic credit card marketing solutions, received the award for the introduction of the industry’s first non-PVC, corn-based card, CornCard USA, and a new recycled PVC card, the AB RecycledCard.

The Boston Green Product Award is given each year to a company that “produces or distributes a green product.” With the introduction of its Green Line of environmentally friendly products, Arthur Blank & Co. is working with retailers and other companies who are looking for greener solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

CornCard USA gift cards, for example, use renewable corn-based polymers to make cards that do not rely on petroleum-based ingredients, and that can be disposed of without emitting harmful carbon dioxide gases. The company’s AB RecyleCard is made from pre-consumer recycled PVC, transforming potential landfill waste into consumer gift, loyalty or membership cards.

“We’re honored that the Mayor has recognized our commitment to building a strong business backed by environmentally sound practices,” says Stuart Blank, president and CEO of Arthur Blank & Co. “This commitment mirrors the effort that so many of our customers are making to deliver consumer and community value through their own sustainability and environmental practices.”

Arthur Blank & Co., located in Boston, has the capacity to print over 1.4 billion cards per year. Arthur Blank’s cards are being utilized as hotel key cards; gaming cards; healthcare, insurance and banking cards; private label credit cards; promotional cards for direct mailings; ID, security and access cards; membership, association, and loyalty cards; and gift cards.

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