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Gilasi & CaraGreen Expand Recycled Glass Countertop Portfolio


RALEIGH, N.C.—Recycled glass countertop manufacturer Gilasi, and CaraGreen, the trusted source for healthier building materials, announce the availability of the Gilasi Resort Collection—recycled glass countertops made in the U.S. This terrazzo style palette of new colors is inspired by the serene beauty of the beach with a nod to the environment in its composition of varying glass sizes from small granular pieces to larger, chunky geometric styles. These colors incorporate the mixed glass sizes with touches of real seashells, evoking the essence of coastal sands and sparkling seas, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any commercial space looking to buck the norm and offer an eco-focused, colorful splash of style and color without a harmful composition.

The Resort collection offers an escape from cookie cutter designs of neutral and marbled veining and leans into a sea of white, cream, and tan bases with colorful splashes of glassy brilliance amid a textured backdrop. Colors with medium aggregate include cool blue (Aqua), bright green with shells (Guscio), and brazen brown interspersed with shells (Caramello). Smaller aggregate colors: Fiori, Fresco, Carbonello, Azzurro, and Miele offer bright specks of color such as blue, honey and rainbow confetti set against a contrasting white base.

Gilasi crafts their engineered surfaces with a blend of recycled glass and aerospace-grade epoxy for unmatched durability and the most environmentally friendly composition they could achieve. With all of their products made in the U.S., Gilasi features a range of sizes and thicknesses catering to diverse project requirements with short lead times compared to overseas brands. From kitchen countertops to large corporate installations, Gilasi offers versatility without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

Gilasi’s composition contains no crystalline silica, ensuring a safer working environment for craftsmen and reducing the risk of respirable silica dust associated with traditional surfacing materials. Gilasi is non-porous, highly stain resistant, and requires no maintenance. By incorporating recycled glass into its composition, the Gilasi Resort Collection not only reduces waste, but also creates a stunning aesthetic.