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Where Our Website Was Visited Most in 2019


With 2019 winding down, it is a good time to look at Green Lodging News readership numbers for 2019. By far the most visited section of the website was the Green Product & Service Directory. The Directory currently has 55 categories ranging from “Air Filtration/Purification” to “Window Film.” Easily the most visited part of the Directory this year has been the “Amenities/Dispensers/Toiletries” section. The most visited news department this year: “Green Certifications.” Interestingly, the year saw few news announcements having to do with green certification. The most visited or searched for article this year was my column on the paper versus cloth napkin debate. The column is from 2016—proof that readers use Green Lodging News as a research library for topics that interest them most. The most read guest column this year: One Hotel’s Trash Is Another One’s Treasure: How to Discard Old Furniture During a Renovation. This one was written and published in 2018.

The Green Lodging News website now has more than 10,000 articles in its database. Most of those articles fall in the Vendor News section (4,959 articles). Most of the other articles fall in the News & Features section (4,727). The news category populated with the most articles is Energy Management with 2,708.

The weekly Green Lodging News e-newsletter and Green Supplier(s) Spotlight e-blasts currently reach 20,875 subscribers. That number constantly changes for many reasons. If you are not yet a subscriber, sign up through the Green Lodging News home page or send your e-mail address to greenlodgingnews@gmail.com and I will add your e-mail to our database. Be sure to encourage your colleagues to also subscribe.

This week I will be including the “Top 10 Most Read 2019 Articles” on Green Lodging News in my Publisher’s Point of View column. Be sure to watch for it. Can you guess which topics were the hottest this year?