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Bamboo Studio Will Soon Launch Eco Hempware


SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF.—Bamboo Studio is about to launch Eco Hempware, the world’s first collection of foodservice tableware made entirely from high-grade industrial grown hemp fiber.

Twice as strong as steel, six times as flexible, and 100 percent compostable, industrial hemp is a high-yield crop ideally suited for the food industry, producing four times as much fiber pulp from one acre of hemp as an acre of trees. Eco Hempware is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and extremely durable.

Experts at making sustainable tableware with natural fibers for over 10 years, Bamboo Studio is launching its newest brand, Eco-Hempware, with an initial 50-piece collection of eco-friendly tableware. The product line will include a variety of reusable and disposable bowls, plates, cups, and cutlery. Using a proprietary formula of hemp fiber mixed with an all-natural food-safe binding agent, Eco-Hempware offers the foodservice industry a more sustainable and eco-friendly serving ware option.

Hemp is Antimicrobial

Hemp is the strongest natural fiber discovered, is antimicrobial, and has been used to make a variety of products for thousands of years. Due to its structural integrity and ease of growth, manufacturers have used it to build super cars (Porsche GT4 2019), houses, and clothing. America’s founding fathers even wrote the Declaration of Independence on it. It wasn’t, however, until the recent 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act (aka “Farm Bill”) was passed that farmers could once again grow it in the United States.

From seed to table, Eco Hempware’s hemp is organically grown in the United States and made in Canada and meets FDA and EU guidelines. The company’s first run of products is both sturdy and long-lasting while being 100 percent compostable—making it a much more sustainable and cost-competitive alternative to ceramic and melamine.

For more information, call (949) 951-2064 or e-mail sales@ecobambooware.com.