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WattStopper Offers New Relay Panel Retrofit Solution


SANTA CLARA, CALIF.—WattStopper’s new relay panel retrofit solution enables high performance control capabilities while eliminating costly installation and wiring requirements for building owners and property managers. Offering all the capabilities of the Digital Lighting Management (DLM) technology platform, which now includes wireless building-to-building connectivity, the solution also preserves existing infrastructure investments.

Building owners or property managers can build on the existing foundation of legacy lighting relay panels from manufacturers such as WattStopper, Horton Controls, and GE, leveraging existing line voltage relays, power supplies, wiring, even low voltage switches in many cases.

“We know that at least 75 percent of all commercial buildings in the United States were built before energy codes were strongly enforced,” notes Charles Knuffke, V.P. of Systems, WattStopper. “These represent significant energy efficiency opportunities, and this solution provides a simple, flexible and scalable path to bringing the legacy panel—indeed the entire building—into today’s high performance era.”

Retrofit projects can focus on simple stand-alone relay panel upgrades or tackle ambitious campus-wide panel network upgrades. “With more than 30 years of experience in lighting controls,” Knuffke observes, “WattStopper has a depth of application expertise that erases uncertainty and offers a full slate of options to facility managers.”

Some of the available options include integrating analog or specialty occupancy sensors, connecting remote panel networks or outdoor lighting wirelessly, and native BACnet integration. Simply by replacing outdated legacy panel intelligence with future-friendly DLM intelligence, the panel becomes a platform for improved building performance.

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