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USA Technologies Expands EnergyMiser Reach Outside U.S.


MALVERN, PA.—USA Technologies announced it had begun shipping its EnergyMiser product line to Australia, Denmark and Spain. At the same time, the company reported it had stepped up sales of EnergyMisers to Canada, and this month had shipped an additional 300 units valued at $30,000 to Optimum Energy Products Ltd., a distributor in Calgary, Alberta.

USA Technologies develops energy management products and cashless payment technology for vending machines. “As in the U.S., international energy services companies are seeking the latest leading-edge energy conservation technology that gives customers relief from rising energy costs,” says Wendy Jenkins, vice president of marketing, USA Technologies.

“Canadian consumers, like consumers in America, are feeling the pain of rising fuel and energy prices and they welcome leadership technology that can ease their financial burden,” says Grant Meadows, president, Optimum Energy. “EnergyMisers offer Canadians significant energy savings, particularly for the primary and secondary educational markets and the commercial and hospitality sectors. Energy prices are creeping up in both electrically regulated and deregulated provincial markets, and we are seeing increased interest in USA Technologies’ EnergyMisers across Canada because of that.”

Among USA Technologies’ customers are Fortune 50 companies, including PepsiCo; some of the biggest retail stores and supermarkets in the world; local, state and federal governments and agencies; military bases worldwide, and thousands of schools, colleges and universities. Some customers have reported annual energy savings in excess of $1 million.

USA Technologies’ EnergyMiser product line reduces the consumption of electricity between 25 and 46 percent in vending machines, coolers, snack machines and a variety of commercial appliances, including televisions, computer terminals, heaters, fans, commercial lighting and plug loads. The misers can be installed quickly, and deliver energy savings immediately. Go to USA Technologies for more details.