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Steenberg Hotel Implements Natural Pesticide Alternatives


CONSTANTIA, SOUTH AFRICA—The five-star, award winning Steenberg Hotel and Winery, located just 20 minutes outside of Cape Town, has developed an eco-friendly plan that maintains and preserves the natural beauty of the wine farm while giving back to the local community.

The hotel uses “green friendly” pest sprays to promote the healthy growth of plants on the property. With the re-introduction of hundreds of ladybirds in order to defend the vines and indigenous plant life from harmful insects, such as the mealybug, the Steenberg has been able to establish a natural balance between flora and fauna without having to use insecticides.

With such a great need to conserve water, the Steenberg also has developed a system that only uses rain water as its main method to irrigate the farmland and gardens.

“We are aiming to have as many indigenous species of plants and animals on the farm as we can without damaging the property,” says Johann de Swardt, the Steenberg Vineyard’s farm manager.

The hotel is a member of WOSA (Wines of South Africa) which ensures that the property must preserve the farm as a whole. The Steenberg also donates their award winning wines for auctions at local charities. The hotel’s official charity is the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone, which provides care for abandoned and HIV-infected children. For more information about the Steenberg Hotel and Winery, go to www.steenberghotel.com.