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Cleveland Range Introduces SteamChef Convection Steamer


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Cleveland Range introduces the SteamChef 6. It is a high-speed electric convection steamer that features an open-style, 1.5-gallon water reservoir in the cooking compartment to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Cleveland SteamChef 6 offers cooking capacity for up to six 12-inch x 20-inch x 2.5-inch deep steam-table pans.

The fan-forced KleanShield cooking compartment is designed to automatically collect and remove waste, keeping the compartment clean and safe from impurities. This feature also eliminates foaming and avoids contamination of the reservoir water.

SureCook compartment controls improve cooking speed and accuracy by automatically adjusting the cooking time with the volume of product. The new energy-saving design reduces water and energy usage. The SteamChef’s automatic drain control drains the generator when the main power is off. A 1-inch NPT drain connection is required for the unit’s water-saving cold water condenser and three-minute rinse feature.

The new steamer also features an automatic water level control that uses low-water and high-water probes to eliminate the need to refill and monitor water levels during cooking. Nine kW electric heating elements are cast into aluminum blocks for fast and ultra-efficient heat transfer, and the elements never need deliming because they are not immersed in water.

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