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Pacific Palisades Hotel’s Recycling Includes Light Bulbs, Food Waste and More


VANCOUVER, B.C.—The 233-room Pacific Palisades Hotel, a champion of recycling since it became a Kimpton property seven years ago, has increased its recycling efforts to include used batteries, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and food waste. The initiative is part of the property’s plan to operate profitably while implementing sustainable practices.

Linda Chin, hotel manager, says the hotel in Vancouver, B.C. has been recycling office paper, cardboard, newspaper, cans and bottles for seven years. Recycling containers throughout the property ensure that recyclables are kept separate from other waste. Recently, however, hotel management decided to increase the number of items to recycle.

A local organization called United We Can takes the bottles and cans that can be turned in for deposit refunds. The hotel’s lighting supplier, West Coast Lighting, picks up used light bulbs and fluorescent lamps. In the kitchen, personnel deposit compostable food waste in a special container. Yet another company takes that away for composting.

“Because of our recent efforts, we were able to reduce the overall cost of our trash pickup,” Chin says.

Plastic containers, dry cleaning hangers and toiletries are also recycled.

“A lot of times, guests will not use all of their toiletries,” Chin says. “We collect them and donate them to charities such as the Union Gospel Mission, or women’s shelters.”

To keep the recycling program rolling, the hotel has a recycling team called the Eco Avengers that meets on a monthly basis. Employees are reminded about recycling in newsletters and on a bulletin board in the staff cafeteria.

“A lot of ideas are recommended by staff,” Chin says.

Green Purchasing Practices

Buying recycled also is part of the hotel’s program. Photocopy paper consists of 30 percent recycled content. Paper used for printers, brochures and other items also includes recycled content. For printing projects requiring outside assistance, those printers that use vegetable-based inks are preferred.

“We just switched over to a new kind of paper called “Save a Tree,” Chin says.

Chin says it is the hotel’s goal not to compromise on quality when seeking alternative, earth-friendly solutions.

“At the end of the day, the guest should have the same quality,” she says.

In addition to recycling, the Pacific Palisades Hotel’s environment-related initiatives include: energy-efficient lighting; low flow systems for faucets, toilets and showers; and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

For more information on the Pacific Palisades Hotel’s recycling program, contact Linda Chin at linda.chin@pacificpalisadeshotel.com.

Glenn Hasek can be reached at greenlodgingnews@aol.com.