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T&S Brass Vice President Appointed to Handwashing for Life Alliance


TRAVELER’S REST, S.C.— Eva Fox, vice president of marketing for T&S Brass and Bronze Works, an industry leader for commercial plumbing for over 50 years, has been appointed to the Handwashing Leadership Forum of Handwashing For Life, an organization that seeks to minimize the risk of foodborne illness via best practices in independent, objective, and practical hand hygiene solutions.

The Handwashing Leadership Forum is an alliance of advocates who have demonstrated leadership practices and a commitment to lowering the risks of foodborne illness via integrated solutions. The board is the voice of applied science and leadership; educating operators and regulators on the risks of and solutions to the threat of foodborne illness. Additionally, the forum board leads the advancement of hand hygiene related food safety via the Conference for Food Protection.

“We are very pleased to have Eva Fox of T&S Brass to serve on our leadership board,” says Jim Mann, founder of Handwashing For Life. “T&S is an established partner in providing effective product solutions to these very real problems we face today. Eva will be a committed and natural asset to our forum board.”

T&S Brass is a supplier of touch-free, electronic faucets, a vital component in hand hygiene and water conservation for the foodservice environment.

“Faucet handles are a major source in transferring the No. 1 pathogen group responsible in foodborne illness,” Mann says. “Touch-free, electronic faucets not only alleviate the spread of germs, but also contribute to a solution for our water conservation concerns.”

“I am honored to support Handwashing for Life,” Fox says. “At T&S, we are committed to providing product solutions for our world’s growing problems, such as foodborne illness and water shortage, both of which are directly addressed by Handwashing For Life’s mission. I look forward to working with others who share my concerns of these important issues.”

T&S Brass offers six electronic faucets that can be custom programmed to fit the operation.

“By shutting down during scrubbing, the sensor faucets can save nearly a gallon of heated water for every 20-second hand wash,” Fox says.

More information about hand hygiene and Handwashing For Life can be found at www.handwashingforlife.com. For more information on T&S hygiene and conservation product solutions, visit T&S Brass and Bronze Works.