Why Partner with Green Lodging News?

1. Green Lodging News is published and edited by Glenn Hasek, a writer and consultant with more than 29 years of lodging industry experience—7.5 as an editor with Hotel & Motel Management magazine and more than 22 as an industry consultant/publisher/editor. Hasek first wrote about environment-related industry issues in 1991.

2. Green Lodging News is the lodging industry’s only website to cover environment-related topics on a daily basis.

3. Green Lodging News is the lodging industry’s only newsletter to cover environment-related topics on a weekly basis—through the e-mail-based Green Lodging News.

4. Green Supplier Spotlight is the lodging industry’s only e-blast that enables a supplier to “own” the Green Lodging News circulation list for one e-blast. Green Suppliers Spotlight is the lodging industry’s only e-blast for multiple green suppliers.

5. Green Lodging News is operations oriented. Its primary goal is to provide hotel owners and operators with the knowledge they need to save money through wise (green) product and service selection.

6. While Green Lodging News’ intent is to be a for-profit publication, its goal is also to provide a service to the industry—to become a “go to” place for news and valuable information that encourages smart and responsible business practices.

7. You will become part of a select group of companies that share the same goals and interests.

8. By advertising in Green Lodging News, your company will have the opportunity to brand itself as one with a concern for the environment and sustainability—a significant public relations opportunity. Your company also will connect with hoteliers and others who want to buy your types of products.

9. By becoming a Founding Sponsor, your company will have the opportunity to get discounted advertising rates and packages.

10. Green Lodging News is an affordable option for businesses that want to reach a highly targeted audience.

11. Drive traffic to your website. Unlike a print publication, which cannot truly tell you how many persons have read your display ad, Green Lodging can tell you exactly how many readers have clicked through your display ad.

12. Green Lodging News is a gathering place for like-minded individuals who wish to impact the lodging industry and the environment in a positive way (whether operators, suppliers, academicians, students, etc.). This will be done through online discussion—guest columns, letters to the editor, Green Lodging News Blog, etc.

13. The growing market for green products, escalating energy prices, increasing concerns about chemical sensitivities, air quality, the desire to cut costs, etc., all make the timing right for Green Lodging News.