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Sustainable Travel International Expands GHG/Carbon Offsetting Services


BOULDER, COLO.—Sustainable Travel International (STI) announced that it has expanded is services related to greenhouse gas (GHG)/carbon offsetting in response to growing consumer and industry demand for market-based systems and related programs that help to curb global warming.

STI has developed a user-friendly guide called, “Choosing a Greenhouse Gas Offset Program.” Designed for both businesses and consumers who are unsure about carbon offsetting and want to more easily determine the best services available in the marketplace, the guide is available from STI. This informative document includes a synopsis of factors to consider in choosing an offset program, a list of quality offset programs, and related information and definitions.

“We get calls and e-mail from consumers, businesses and the media all of the time, requesting detailed technical information about carbon offsetting,” says Brian T. Mullis, STI’s president. “Many carbon offset and renewable energy certificates (often called green tags) are of quality while others are not, so there are some important factors to consider and questions to ask when choosing the most appropriate program. By giving consumers and businesses the information they need to choose an offset program, we’re empowering them to address their own GHG emissions.”

In addition, the nonprofit’s carbon offset website—www.carbonoffsets.org—now features a comprehensive GHG calculator, which allows consumers to offset air travel, automobile transportation, hotel stays, and household emissions, as well as gift packages.

Custom GHG calculators, which are modeled after the standard consumer calculator, are also now available for travel and tourism businesses. These calculators are designed to be integrated into companies’ websites, providing their clients and employees with opportunities to offset their climate-related emissions.

“Our custom carbon calculators are designed for hoteliers and transportation service providers,” adds Peter D. Krahenbuhl, STI’s vice president. “We can also calculate tour operators’ emissions on a package by package basis. Our goal is to make offsetting accessible for the entire travel and tourism industry.”

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