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Green Cleaning Supplier Orbeco Inks Deals with Two Chains


SAN FRANCISCO—Orbeco Inc. announced that it has signed contracts of two years each with two of the world’s leading hotel chains. The companies represent more than 5,000 hotels. The chains chose Orbeco because it offers safe and environmentally friendly green cleaning products.

Orbeco offers products ranging from carpet cleaners to drain cleaners. Orbeco products are harmless to humans, animals and aquatic life. The formulas, all patented, have been designed by a French chemist. The cleaning products include safe, raw materials.

All the products have been certified by Green Seal and Woolsafe and are in the process of being approved by Ecolabel in Europe. Because of the innocuous formulas, Orbeco products are in compliance with the strictest regulations of any state’s code of regulations.

Orbeco was founded in the early 1990s by Alain Delaite, an inventor and chemist who worked for pharmaceutical and cosmetology companies for many years. He became very concerned with the number of harmful or dangerous chemicals on the market. He developed several processes for different industries but always with the same motive: to improve the performance of a product while making it healthier for consumers and cleaner for the environment.

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