Home Air Quality Study: Dexwet Pure Air Filters Effective Against Airborne Pathogens

Study: Dexwet Pure Air Filters Effective Against Airborne Pathogens


NEW YORK—A recent study conducted by renowned European air filtration expert, Dipl. Ing. Peter Tappler of IBO Interior Analysis OG, said that Dexwet’s patented Pure Air Filters tested effective in capturing nano-fine dust particles and airborne pathogens carried by aerosols including allergens, bacteria, and viruses such as the coronavirus. Dexwet Air Filters is an air filter manufacturing and technology company making “Pure Air Filters” for use in homes, commercial properties, and custom business applications in Europe for more than 15 years.

Dexwet, with more than 60 patents worldwide, announced its plans to make the filters available for purchase in the United States in 2021 to help allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with respiratory diseases, and anyone who wants clean air in every room. Its passive, sustainable, and holistic technology does not require monthly maintenance or power to operate. The company says it will submit the filters for similar testing in the United States to prove their efficacy at capturing nano-fine dust particles and airborne pathogens during the first quarter of 2021.

“The air purification devices with the ‘Dexwet technology’ are effective in a suitable way, on the basis of the documentation provided, especially aerosols in the size range below 5 microns (but also larger particles). Especially with regard to the prevention of transmission of aerosol borne viruses (e.g., SARS-CoV-2) by air, the technology can make a decisive contribution to infection prevention,” said Peter Tappler.

Effective Against COVID-19

Dexwet’s Pure Air Filters performance was tested under different conditions in laboratory situations. The filters tested effective in capturing particles ranging below 5 microns (but also larger particles) that include pollen, allergens, fine and ultrafine dust that measure less than 100 nanometers. Thus, indicating the filters are effective against capturing the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, which ranges within a diameter of 80 to 140 nanometers, even without a carrier.

“The global pandemic has more people paying attention to air quality and looking for advanced solutions that promote healthy air using scientifically proven and technologically superior methods,” said Gregory Scott Newsome, Chief Financial Officer and Board Director of Dexwet Air Filters. “Dexwet was built on a mission to have a positive impact on health by providing clean air for humans and machines. It is our responsibility to deliver on our promise and we are looking forward to making our products available in the U.S. market to do just the same.”

In comparison to conventional filters, Dexwet’s open systems, staggered filter design allows unrestricted airflow, and the patented wet-technology which uses an absorber fluid/oil solution on the staggered filter rods acts like glue to permanently absorb any particles from raw to nanoparticles within the oil surface with the slightest contact.

In December 2020, Dexwet filed a regulation D offering to a select group of accredited investors to raise funds to establish a U.S. factory to locally manufacture Pure Air Filters for home and commercial use. Funds generated will also be used to create brand awareness to license the patented wet-filter technology into existing air filtration products available in the U.S. market.

For more information about Dexwet Air Filters, visit www.dexwetholding.com.