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STEP Warmfloor Brings Health & Wellness to Green Hospitality


ST. LOUIS, MO.—The U.S. Green Building Council launched its global economic recovery strategy last month, which outlines a path for how healthy places and LEED will support recovery efforts as businesses prepare for a post-pandemic world. The hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, and as the world prepares to travel again, hotels and restaurants around the globe are looking for ways to evolve the health and wellness of their indoor environments. Hotels have been turning to green building to demonstrate their re-entry plans and safety measures to guests. Green strategies that consider air quality and ventilation, daylighting, access to outdoor spaces, renewables, energy and water efficiency have been gaining in popularity. STEP Warmfloor underfloor radiant heating solutions are a sustainable way to bring warmth to hotel suites, spas and restaurants, all the while reducing energy costs and improving indoor air quality.

“The new Managing Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19 credit is designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19 through the air,” said President of STEP Warmfloor, Monica Irgens. “Radiant heat, like STEP Warmfloor, doesn’t use blowers or fans like forced air heating systems to circulate allergens and micro-particles throughout the room. Radiant heat provides cleaner air, better energy efficiency, and comfort, for a healthier and safer indoor air quality.”

STEP Warmfloor has provided its radiant heating solutions for a variety of hospitality projects. At the Atlantis Casino and Spa in Reno, Nevada, the Brine Inhalation Light-Therapy Lounge installed STEP Warmfloor for underfloor heating and heated benches. Rush Creek Lodge in Yosemite, Calif., installed the radiant heating elements to warm the floors in the outdoor lounge and tubs. Mare Rooftop, in Providence, R.I., a year-round enclosed rooftop restaurant with glass ceilings and walls installed STEP Warmfloor for extra warmth during cold New England evenings.

STEP Warmfloor is a 24 Volt AC/DC heating system that warms the air by heating the objects within the space from the ground up. Forced air blows dry heated air into a room only for the temperature to fluctuate when the system turns off. STEP Warmfloor is comprised of a unique self-regulating heating element that decreases its electrical consumption when the ambient temperature increases. This maintains a comfortable environment and makes for a system that is energy efficient and does not overheat.

Made of a proprietary electrically conductive polymer material, STEP Warmfloor products can be used in multiple applications. Their residential products are perfect for homeowners who seek the best technologies and products to improve their way of life, as well as architects seeking cutting-edge heating systems for their developments.

STEP Warmfloor products are installed by laying out the heating elements to the pre-designed layout and connecting to a low-voltage electrical power supply. The elements can be put under any non-conductive floor covering be it hardwood, ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone, laminate, or carpet.

STEP Warmfloor’s radiant heating solutions represent an alignment of nature and engineering to enhance the guest experience and promote sustainability everywhere.