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St. Louis Company Introduces Clean Hands System


ST. LOUIS—Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are looking for additional ways to protect themselves from getting sick. Business owners are scrambling to add additional layers of protection to instill guest confidence and get people back into their stores and restaurants. Enter the Clean Hands Company, the St. Louis based technology-meets-hygiene manufacturers of the Clean Hands System. This unique handwashing compliance system, developed by Ray Johnson and Fred Striley, ensures employees wash their hands on a regular basis. Launched in 2009, the system was originally created with restaurants in mind, but the founders knew that hand washing was a necessity that encompassed so much more than just food and beverage.

The Clean Hands System is simple: an easy-to-use handwashing compliance tool that helps streamline daily operations for management teams. The motion-activated soap dispenser emits an audible beep when a crew member places their hands underneath. They then say their name or pass phrase and are immediately identified by the system via speech recognition. The team member’s name appears on the LCD display as they wash their hands. Each dispenser event is logged to a database on the server and is available for review ensuring correct compliance.

“It’s part of my job to make sure employees wash their hands…it’s what good restauranteurs do,” says Chris LaRocca, Founder and CEO of Crushed Red, a St. Louis area fast casual chain that uses the Clean Hands System. “Guests love the fact that we’ve installed the Clean Hands System and have actually written letters to thank us.”