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Solage Calistoga Resort Will Combine Luxury Service, Sustainability


MILL VALLEY, CALIF.—Opening in June 2007 in Napa Valley, Solage Calistoga will prove that pampering guests and sustainability can go hand in hand. The first property from Auberge Resorts’ fresh new luxury brand will reflect a philosophy of eco-consciousness that focuses not only on environmental stewardship, but also personal health and wellbeing.

“Solage Calistoga will give us an exciting opportunity to put our environmental beliefs into action,” says Mark Harmon, CEO and managing partner, Auberge Resorts. “We think it’s possible for a resort to operate sustainably without sacrificing style or luxury. We’re confident that our guests and staff will appreciate the steps we’re taking to design and operate Solage in an environmentally responsible way.”

Napa Valley architect Howard Backen has designed the 89-rooom cottage-style resort and spa to maximize Solage’s valley setting and take advantage of natural heating and cooling opportunities. Features such as exaggerated eaves will help moderate temperatures on warm afternoons. Tall, shaded windows and doorways will offer views out to private gardens, filling spaces with filtered sunlight and keeping interiors cool.

All-Natural Furniture, Design

For Solage Calistoga’s chic, earth-friendly interiors, Auberge turned to San Francisco interior design team Dowling Kimm Studios to source contemporary furnishings made from natural, sustainably farmed and recycled materials. Guestrooms will feature walnut and beech furniture manufactured with non-toxic varnishes and wool upholstery. Natural accents will include hemp curtains, wool throws, stone countertops and pebbled showers. Public spaces and Spa Solage will feature bamboo and reclaimed cedar, and interiors throughout the resort will be finished with non-toxic, low-VOC paints to eliminate the harmful gases emitted by most conventional paints.

Guest bath amenities at Solage Calistoga will be locally sourced from Sebastopol, Calif.-based SumBody, which makes all-natural skin care products in small batches using raw, natural, chemical- and preservative-free ingredients. To maintain a healthy environment indoors and out, the resort’s housekeeping program will use only non-toxic and biodegradable method® cleaning products. Solage will minimize chlorine use in the 130-foot swimming, pool, children’s pool and spa pools by using an ozone-based system to keep water clean.

Making innovative use of Calistoga’s famed hot springs as an alternative energy source, Solage will tap the geothermal springs deep beneath the property for radiant energy to heat the treatment rooms and soaking pools at the 14,000-square-foot Spa Solage. For cooling on warm days, the spa will use natural ventilation and an efficient “evaporative cooler” that uses water to soak up heat from the air and blow the cool air into the space. Room service will be delivered via “pedal power,” on specially designed bicycles. Likewise, guests will have complimentary use of “cruiser” bikes to get around the resort or ride into nearby Calistoga.

Solage’s environmental focus will extend to every area of the resort, from its Solbar restaurant and lounge, which will feature locally sourced and organic produce, to its gardens of native, drought-resistant native plants and use of reclaimed water for irrigation. More conventional forms of conservation, such as recycling, lawn composting and use of energy-efficient equipment currently in place at Solage’s sister properties Auberge du Soleil and Calistoga Ranch, and the Inn at Palmetto Bluff, will be used as well. Not even the night sky will be overlooked, as the resort’s energy-efficient lighting design will adhere to dark-sky standards.

Solage Calistoga will be a member of the Green Hotels Assn. For more information about the property, visit www.solagehotels.com.