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Electrolux Introduces Resource-Efficient Conveyor Dishwasher


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Using less water and energy than other conveyor dishwashers with equal productivity on the market today, the Conveyor Dishwasher Line by Electrolux Professional North America is the highly efficient solution for medium to high output warewashing demands.

The Electrolux Conveyor Dishwasher can be set to clean at either 130 or 200 racks per hour to accommodate varied requirements. At 200 racks per hour, the dishwasher uses only 79 gallons of water per hour. It is ideal for use in hotels, catering and full-service restaurants.

The Electrolux Conveyor Dishwasher provides energy savings through the use of a built-in hot water booster rather than an external one. The built-in hot water booster uses less energy (fewer kilowatts) than an external booster to raise the temperature of the rinse water.

Another unique energy savings feature gives operators flexibility to adapt the dishwasher to their incoming water temperature. During installation, the hot water booster can be set to a 40-, 70-, or 100-degree temperature rise to meet the proper sanitizing temperature of 180 degrees F for the rinsing cycle. The built-in rinse booster pump also guarantees a constant water pressure during the rinse cycle to ensure that all the dishes are properly sanitized.

Water-Saving Feature

The design of the spray arms on the Electrolux Conveyor Dishwasher also makes the machine highly efficient. The amount of water usage is greatly reduced, without lowering productivity, because the unique spray pattern hits the dishes precisely as they move through the machine, thereby avoiding wasted spray.

All main components of the Electrolux Conveyor Dishwasher are made in heavy-duty anti-corrosive 304 grade stainless steel to provide long-term durability. Each unit consists of a one piece, deep drawn, pressed tank for a water tight guarantee. The wash tank has fully rounded corners that slope toward the drain to prevent dirt build-up and provide fast drainage. Large counterbalanced doors allow unrestricted access to the wash and rinse areas and are double skinned and insulated to reduce noise and heat loss.

The Conveyor Dishwasher’s large, fully protected electronic control panel clearly displays pre-wash, wash and rinse temperatures. At the push of a button, the self-cleaning feature cleans and sanitizes the inside of the machine.

The Electrolux Conveyor Dishwasher Line is pre-arranged for connection to online HACCP compliance monitoring of time and temperature using EKIS—the Electrolux Intelligent Kitchen System.

The Conveyor Dishwasher Line by Electrolux Professional offers 44”- and 66”-wide models with additional models being introduced mid-2007. Electrolux Professional also offers undercounter dishwashers (30 racks per hour capacity), hood type dishwashers (60 racks per hour capacity) and a pot and pan washer for smaller or specialized applications.

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