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SanitGrasp Offers a Hygienic, No-Touch Solution for Public Spaces


ATLANTA—SanitGrasp, a no-touch door pull handle, provides a hygienic solution for exiting public spaces. It can be found in Fortune 500 companies, offices, educational facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and government agencies across the country. Demand has hit an all-time high as commercial and hospitality businesses prepare for reopening and need to implement safety measures across high-traffic areas that require the most interaction. As companies worldwide seek solutions that can help protect their staff, employees, and customers against the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, SanitGrasp serves as a hygienic and affordable solution that is easy to install or simple to retrofit.

Conceived by Matthew Fulkerson, SanitGrasp allows a person to use their wrist or the bottom of their arm to open a public restroom door. “The concept was to replace the last touchpoint in a restroom, which is traditionally a pull handle,” he states. “Without it, it essentially makes all other touchless options useless.” His internationally patented product is ADA-compliant and can easily retrofit an existing handle. It features a stainless-steel handle, an angled opening with a rounded cap and easy to read, engraved instructions. SanitGrasp handles are coated with SANIGUARD, an antimicrobial finish.

With heightened awareness of the surfaces touched daily, the need for antimicrobial, no-touch and contactless solutions has never been greater. A trusted solution for public spaces, SanitGrasp is available to order online or can be ordered in larger quantities for public and private sector projects, which qualify for project pricing tiers.