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Clean Touch Germ Key Helps Keep Casino Guests Germ Free


LAS VEGAS—Dallas based metal shop NoContactKey recently announced its launch of their clean touch germ key for the gaming industry. The owner of the company, Don Douglas shares excitement as they help gamblers get back to the casinos.

Currently, the NoContactKey is the No. 1 hygiene tool already supplying most of the country with their no touch hand tools. NoContactKey’s shop is a large-scale production processing thousands of orders a day.

The NoContactKey is a No Contact door opener tool stylus and germ-free door opener key made of metal antimicrobial brass. The NoContactKey will work as a germ-free key tool and clean-key. Because of metal brass for the germaphobe, it keeps your hands free when you touch door handles, toilets, keypads, ATM keypads, elevator buttons and store checkout payment pads. Avoid touching and contaminating yourself.

This no touch door opener tool is made of metal antimicrobial brass. The NoContactKey will work as a hygiene hand and clean key. This is your edc (every-day-carry) keychain hook. This button pusher tool is a clean key made to prevent the spreading of germs and for use in public spaces, on elevators buttons, atm pads, doorbells, gas pumps and checkout lines.

Ways of Keeping Safe

Follow safety and sanitization guidelines, especially not touching shared surfaces. With the help of a no contact germ tool like the No Contact Key, you can achieve this. With such a tool handy, you can enter a casino without worrying about touching surfaces and coming in direct contact with the virus.

The current infection numbers in the United States haven’t seen a decline in weeks, with Idaho, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona categorized as current hotspots for an increase of infection cases. Companies like NoContactKey help stop the spread of COVID-19 that has already managed to reorganize daily life of thousands of guests and workers at casinos, hotels, restaurants, and those in the tourism industry. NoContactKey safe touch tools are a long-term solution to prevent the spread of germs.

Checking for Safety Measures from Casinos

Casinos present a unique problem because of stagnant air and close contact among patrons and staff. Your personal practice of hygiene and sanitization will go a long way, but you need to make sure the management of the casino has your health in mind.

Some casinos have put together a plan for reopening hotels and casinos that include giving all their guests a NoContactKey.

Is your casino taking steps to ensure that their guests can play safely without touching the surfaces? Call them to make sure they are offering all their guests a NoContactKey. You can give them the website address as a reference: https://www.nocontactkey.com/.

Gathering Relevant Information

Before booking a hotel or visiting a casino, you should find out if the establishment is offering the NoContactKey to their guests. If they are, then you can be sure they care about your health and well-being. Moreover, their attempt at keeping their establishment safe and sanitized will also become clear.

Don Douglas says, “Having a NoContactKey, your personal no contact germ utility tool along with the keycard of your room means, you don’t have to use your hands to press the elevator buttons, open doors or touch slot machines. If you are at a casino and have a NoContactKey, then playing at the slot machines for hours won’t be an issue. You can keep on playing without worrying about touching shared surfaces and transmitting germs.”

Read more at: https://www.nocontactkey.com/.