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reCollect2 Sponsors New Podcast Focused on Human Trafficking


PEWAUKEE, WIS.—A chance meeting of two women at a local networking event launched both a friendship and a partnership to create much-needed awareness about human trafficking, in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Ann Riphenburg’s business, reCollect2 Company, is co-sponsoring a new podcast of the Redeem & Restore Center, a Pewaukee-based organization dedicated to shining a light on the dark issue of human trafficking. The podcast, Life Empowered, features stories of redemption, encouragement and inspiration.

Chaplain Krista Hull of the Redeem & Restore Center interviews people who have emerged from adversity, significant life trials and even human trafficking. The podcast follows a premise that every human has a worthy purpose, and gifts and abilities, to contribute to the betterment of society. People are not objects to be owned.

Life Empowered can be found on the Redeem & Restore website and Apple podcast.

Pair Met at Business Alliance Event

Riphenburg and Hull met at a Waukesha County Business Alliance event. Riphenburg was impressed both by RRC’s mission, and Hull’s energetic approach and insightful strategy to love, support and restore victims and survivors of human trafficking.

“I was struck by Krista’s ability to make relatable experiences and stories accessible with this podcast,” Riphenburg said. “Its content offers a blend of faith, hardships and vulnerability that provide hope and encouragement to listeners. reCollect2 Company is excited and honored to partner on this powerful platform.”

“What shines brightly to me is the symbolic parallels between our organizations—the mirrored theme of transforming, restoring and making new,” Hull said of the partnership.

Riphenburg and Hull were recently recognized for their entrepreneurial efforts by The KNOW Women in the inaugural KNOW WOMEN MKE book, launched November 12.

Human trafficking is notoriously underreported. As shocking as these numbers are, they likely represent only a fraction of the actual problem:

The Redeem & Restore Center educates the public on human trafficking statistics, teaches how to identify human trafficking situations, and invests in its volunteers through workshops, training and personal growth. The organization plans to open a restorative care home to provide treatment in all five areas where victims have endured trauma: physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual.

Mission: To Provide Guidance, Hope & More

“Redeem & Restore was built on the foundation that no matter your past circumstance, or what others have told you, you have immense value!” Hull said. “Our core mission is to provide guidance, hope and inspiration to survivors of human trafficking.”

More information about Redeem & Restore, including how to make a tax-deductible donation or become a volunteer, is available at https://www.redeemandrestore.org/.

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