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Pure Solutions Partners with NYLO to Provide Allergy Friendly Rooms


CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y.—NYLO, a new lifestyle hotel brand, is the first hotel of its kind to commit to providing PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms as part of its overall brand strategy. The company recently announced it partnership with Pure Solutions.

“We’re proud to work with this market leader in improving indoor air quality for the comfort of our guests,” says John Russell, c.e.o. of NYLO.

NYLO is planning to break ground next month on its first property in Plano, Texas. Shortly after, properties will be popping up in other suburban and secondary markets, such as Warwick, Rhode Island. Russell found PURE to align with their vision of providing alternatives for travelers who want a reprieve from the traditional hotel experience. Other such amenities include gourmet food around the clock, boutique shopping and the trendiest loft styling.

NYLO has committed to having at least one PURE floor, with all guestrooms incorporating the comprehensive purification system, in each of its branded properties. The Plano hotel will have 44 PURE Rooms.

“When you walk into a PURE Room, you can’t help but notice that something is different,” says Brian Brault, c.e.o. of Pure Solutions. “The room feels fresh and crisp, putting guests immediately at ease. It is very exciting to assist NYLO in achieving their goal of providing cutting edge technology. When a hotel embraces the PURE concept as wholeheartedly as NYLO does, it’s truly a win for the guests.”

The PURE allergy friendly system provides guests an environment where every surface is treated to minimize contaminants, irritants and odors. Up until now, there has been no definitive procedure or process to minimize the likelihood that something in the room could trigger and allergic reaction. The process covers the entire hotel room from the walls to the bedcovers and the air itself. With more than 70 million Americans suffering from asthma or other allergy conditions, the PURE program has been embraced across the United States, and more recently, the world.

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