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Entergize’s New Wireless Thermostat Offers Five-Year Battery Life


GROSSE POINTE, MICH.—Entergize has introduced a new thermostat that provides an enhancement to the current Entergize System. The WirelessStat-RF provides wireless connectivity to the PTAC or other HVAC units.

Many customers have asked if it was possible to eliminate the thermostat wiring that currently is required to connect the HVAC to the thermostat. Even though this is a thin 24-volt wire that can be installed inside the room, it is still problematic in many guestroom environments. The new product can be mounted anywhere in the room and can be relocated without difficulty by in-house personnel.

Prior attempts to satisfy this requirement have been hampered by a short battery life. Quoted specifications would be for 24 months but were typically less in actual use. This caused significant maintenance and guest issues. The Entergize WirelessStat-RF has a design specification of more than 60 months which dramatically reduces these problems and makes a wireless thermostat a viable and cost-effective solution.

How the Entergize Digital WirelessStat Works

The Entergize WirelessStat-RF communicates using the most advanced 900 MHz transceiver technology available. There is a transceiver in the thermostat and also one that is placed inside the HVAC enclosure. The components can be easily installed by hotel engineering staff. The system controls guestroom HVAC operating temperatures within one degree of set point.

The system eliminates the inefficiencies associated with less accurate analog thermostats or traditional PTAC type dial temperature controls. The WirelessStat has the ability to control guestroom temperature ranges when the room is occupied. It has the capability, when used with the optional Entergize Master Switch, to set back the operating temperature range when the room is unoccupied.

The thermostat has backlighting and is fully ADA compliant. It can be set for auto fan or manual fan and can automatically switch the HVAC system between the heating and cooling mode as required. It can also be manually set for heating, cooling or auto mode if manual control is desired.

When used with the Master Switch, the thermostat becomes the heart of a guestroom energy management system. This system can be expanded with the available Entergize Switches, receptacles and patio door sensor initially or at a later date. The system reduces energy consumption in hotel guestrooms. The typical financial savings is more than 30 percent.

“Reducing energy consumption should be a major objective of all businesses in today’s world and the installation of the WirelessStat-RF or the complete Entergize Energy Control System in a hotel will have a substantial positive impact on our environment,” says David Donaldson, Entergize’s vice president of sales and marketing.

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