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PulPac to Expand Its Reach with Local U.S. Operations


GÖTEBERG, SWEDEN—Swedish innovative packaging company, PulPac, announces an expansion of its mission-driven operations. Following the partnership with Curt G Joa (JOA) to set up a more significant demonstration site for Dry Molded Fiber, PulPac wants to establish its own U.S. operations in the Upper Mid-West region. The expansion includes a dedicated application development team and a state-of-the-art sampling facility to accelerate both product innovation and customization.

The U.S. expansion is a strategic move that aims to bring PulPac’s sustainable solutions closer to the market, supporting the company’s vision of creating a more sustainable future. The collaboration with JOA, a leading machinery manufacturer for the hygiene and disposable products industry, and PulPac’s ongoing partnership with Seismic Solution, is a significant step toward scaling up the manufacturing process and offering customers a complete solution for sustainable packaging.

PulPac’s patented Dry Molded Fiber technology is a groundbreaking manufacturing process for turning renewable pulp into high-performance packaging materials that are fully biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. The Dry Molded Fiber manufacturing process has a lower climate impact than wet-molding and plastic processing. And it provides the packaging industry with a solution for a swift transition toward circularity to tackle the sustainability challenge the industry is facing.

“We are thrilled to expand our mission and offer our sustainable packaging solutions to the U.S. market,” says Linus Larsson Green, CEO of PulPac. “Our local operations and partnership with JOA enables us to accelerate our innovation efforts and bring our sustainable products closer to our customers. We are committed to creating a circular economy and providing sustainable solutions that benefit the planet and people.”

The expansion is a testament to PulPac’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. With dedicated local U.S. operations, an applications development team, and a demonstration site with JOA, PulPac is on the verge of revolutionizing the U.S. packaging industry with a simple technology that meets both customer needs and environmental challenges, as well as the industry’s need for scalable and economically sustainable solutions.