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Persist Releases New Green Bull Liquid Lawn & Garden Fertilizer


CAMARILLO, CALIF.—VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer, announced the launch of Persist Green Bull, a new liquid plant fertilizer with a powerful blend of iron, nitrogen, and Persist’s proprietary blend of organic acids and beneficial phenols called PAF. The result is a significantly greener, stronger, and more robust lawn and garden while using less fertilizer overall. Green Bull is available on Amazon and the Persist site.

Green Bull is made by VGrid, an innovative clean energy company producing sustainable electricity from agricultural and forestry waste. Its proprietary biomass energy process also creates a unique liquid blend of organic acids and compounds called PAF, which is the key ingredient in Green Bull.

  • Green Bull is a significant source of iron, a key component of chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color and is essential for photosynthesis. Without sufficient iron, turfgrass looks yellow. Iron also helps plants withstand disease and environmental stress such as drought, heat, and cold.
  • Why PAF is important: Iron is a critical nutrient, but to benefit plants, it must be “bio-available.” PAF converts iron into iron acetate, which plants can use more effectively, reducing the amount of fertilizer needed overall. PAF also contains readily degradable organic acids and compounds that microbes use for metabolism, enhancing both the diversity and population of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. A robust microbiome is crucial to rich, fertile, and productive soils.
  • Maximum convenience: Green Bull comes in a refillable hose-end spray bottle, which ensures the liquid is applied evenly and accurately for maximum results. Thirty-two-ounce and one-gallon refill bottles are also available.
  • Super effective when used with biochar: Green Bull is even more effective when combined with high-quality horticultural charcoal like Persist Premium Biochar, which increases water retention and rebuilds decimated, drought-stricken soils.

“Many lawn fertilizers are on the market, but only Green Bull contains organic PAF liquid. This is the key to its superior performance. PAF makes the iron and nitrogen in Green Bull, and what is already in the soil, more bio-available, helping plants to more easily uptake these key nutrients. This leads to the desired ‘instant greening’ affect customers have reported when using the product,” said Jeff Norton, Vice President of Business Development at VGrid Energy Systems.