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Osram Sylvania Unveils Two New CFL Recycling Options


DANVERS, MASS.—At a time when many are searching for a convenient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) recycling option, North American lighting leader Osram Sylvania has unveiled two CFL recycling options: the MiniPak CFL mail-back recycling kit, and the Community Pail RecyclePak.

“It’s exciting to be the first lighting manufacturer to offer all of our customers a recycling solution,” says Jennifer Dolin, environmental marketing manager, Osram Sylvania. “With recycling and disposal options available in only a few communities, our MiniPak and Community Pail options allow consumers and small communities everywhere to recycle their spent lamps easily. Simply purchase the pre-labeled kit or pail online, pack up the spent lamps, and return by FedEx—the prepurchased return label is included. It’s easy, convenient and the responsible thing to do.”

“We encourage everyone to safely recycle their used CFLs and are pleased to see this new opportunity,” says Matt Hale, director of EPA’s Office of Solid Waste. “Any action that gives more Americans access to recycling options is an important step in the right direction.”

Recycling Began in November 2006

Osram Sylvania announced its industry first recycling program in November 2006 with Veolia Environmental Services, the largest lamp and ballast recycler in North America. The pre-paid recycling program not only provides a convenient recycling option, it also ensures complete compliance with state and local disposal regulations while reducing the risks associated with improper storage. A unique benefit of the program is that Veolia assumes liability of RecyclePak upon pick-up.

The MiniPak Recycling Kit is a six-inch cube that holds up to 15 CFLs. It is ideal for homes and small offices that practice energy-efficient lighting. The Community CFL Pail is approximately 15 inches high and wide and holds up to 90 CFLs. The 2-foot Mixed Lamp Recycling Kit is ideal for smaller facilities with a variety of lamp types including U-tubes and CFLs.

Small linear fluorescent kits were just added to the RecyclePak line. In addition, medium and large Linear Fluorescent kits, large pails and ballasts kits are available for large buildings and institutions like hotels and office buildings.

Visit www.sylvania.com/recycle for more information on the new recycling program.