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Motel 6 Rolls Out National Fluorescent Light Bulb, Battery Recycling Program


DALLAS—Motel 6, the largest corporately owned and operated hotel chain in North America, announces the rollout of the first national fluorescent light bulb and battery recycling program within the hospitality industry. Motel 6, with nearly 900 properties across the country, is the first chain to implement this type of program without a federal mandate.

The Motel 6 Fluorescent Light Bulb and Battery Recycling Program will be rolled out regionally over a six-month period, with complete implementation expected by the end of 2007. This recycling policy is a continuation of Accor’s Earth Guest initiatives that demonstrate Accor North America’s dedication to preserving the environment.

“We are setting an industry precedent by launching this nationwide recycling program,” says Jim Amorosia, chief operating officer for Motel 6. “Recycling is a highly effective action we can take year-round, and even with the fluorescent light bulbs’ average service life of five years we will still recycle approximately 60,000 fluorescent light bulbs per year.”

Commitment to Fluorescents

In January of 2006, Motel 6 began its retrofitting of fluorescent lighting, which consumes 75 percent less energy than conventional bulbs. The brand’s retrofitting of fluorescent light bulbs and the Motel 6 Battery and Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling Program complement the efforts of Motel 6’s parent company, Accor North America, to reduce energy consumption in its properties. In late 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency honored Accor North America as an Energy Star Leader for significantly increasing energy efficiency in its economy hotel properties.

To develop this nationwide recycling initiative, Accor North America partnered with Oakleaf, which will oversee the program, and Veolia Environmental Services, which manufactures and recycles the light bulbs and batteries. Each Motel 6 property will receive a box designed to collect light bulbs and a container for batteries. Materials will be shipped to each location on an annual basis with instructions on how to return the used containers.

Batteries, light bulbs and electronic equipment typically contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals that are considered hazardous to the environment. By initiating this recycling program, Motel 6’s waste is guaranteed to be recycled in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Accor North America’s Earth Guest program consists of extensive and ongoing environmental initiatives including the planting of 20,000 trees representing each Accor employee in North America, implementation of a 65-point environmental checklist at all properties and at the corporate headquarters, and donation of $375,000 to educational and charitable groups. Earth Guest program activities are led and put into action at the corporate level and in local communities by Accor North America’s five brands and over 870 properties in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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