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Online Video Demonstrates Waterless Urinal Cleaning Methods


VISTA, CALIF.—One of the questions facility managers and building service contractors (BSCs) often ask when waterless urinals are installed in their facilities is, “How do you clean them?”

Because waterless systems are becoming more and more popular in commercial buildings, Waterless No-Flush urinals, Vista, Calif., has added an online video that covers virtually all the maintenance issues related to cleaning and maintaining these no-flush systems.

Although most waterless urinals are cleaned much like conventional urinals, there are differences that BSCs should be aware of. For instance, abrasive cleaners and brushes often used on traditional urinals can scratch and mar a waterless system. Instead, the video suggests using a neutral, all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth, sponge, or Johnny mop.

Video Used as Refresher Course

“Our distributors often work with cleaning crews, showing them the basics,” says Klaus Reichardt, managing partner of Waterless Co. “Now, many of our end customers just watch the video or use it as a refresher course to make sure workers are cleaning the units correctly.”

Along with the instructional video, the company has also added videos of television news clips about waterless urinals and a tour of a high-tech office building where the waterless system has been installed.

“Our distributors tell us that many of their customers’ questions are answered after viewing the online videos,” Reichardt says. “They have become just about our best educational tool.”

To view the videos, visit www.waterless.com and select “Videos” on the left-hand side of the page.