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One More Way to Publicize Your EV Chargers

Glenn Hasek

In addition to the many brands and independents that are working hard to connect electric vehicle drivers with EV charging stations, so too is a Georgia-based entrepreneur with his Stay-N-Charge website. I recently spoke with Tony Booth, founder and CEO of the site that is a directory for lodgings with EV charging stations. (Click here for the article.) Whether your property has EV charging stations or not, I encourage you to check out the site.

Stay-N-Charge, founded in 2021, currently has more than 1,300 properties listed. Today the site is experiencing about 7,000 to 8,000 unique visits a month. “A year ago, it was 2,000 to 3,000,” Tony told me. “It has been growing each month.”

Travelers in search of a property with EV charging stations while driving can use the Stay-N-Charge app. Travelers can also help to build the Stay-N-Charge database by using an online form to suggest new locations with EV charging.

In addition to the online form, the large database of lodging establishments has been built through online research, attending industry events, and calling properties. Travelers can create their own accounts where they can create favorites and leave reviews.

Various Listing Options

For hoteliers interested in getting their properties listed on Stay-N-Charge, there are several options. One can have a free listing with basic information, tier three in search results, no website link, and no direct inquiries. Under the Premium EV Hotel plan, one gets an enhanced profile with photos and the option to add coupons, tier two in search results, direct inquiries, and website link.

Stay-N-Charger also offers a Charging-as-a-Service option that includes the installation and management of charging stations. Click here to read about the various options.

Tony told me that in the U.S. about 2 percent of car owners now drive EVs. In California it is about 15 percent. “Nationwide, it is almost doubling every year,” he says. “By 2030, 10 percent of registered light commercial vehicles will be EVs.”

If you have not yet installed EV charging stations, be sure to seek out a Federal Tax Credit as well as state and utility incentive programs that will reimburse for the cost of installation and infrastructure preparation. Some states cover up to 80 percent of the cost in rebates.

Tony emphasizes the revenue potential upside to having EV charging stations. “EV drivers need somewhere to charge when they are traveling,” he says. “They don’t expect to get free ‘gas’ and are willing to pay for the convenience of charging their vehicle while they sleep. Adding EV charging is another way to add non-room revenue, and additional bookings, to your property.”

Green Lodging News Adds Bradley & Multiplast Systems to Directory

Green Lodging News has added Bradley Co. to its Green Product & Service Directory in the “Handwashing Solutions/Touchless” category. Bradley’s touchless handwashing solutions provide high durability, low maintenance and advanced sensing for reliable handwashing in commercial washrooms.

All-in-one WashBar models with touch-free soap, faucet and dryer eliminate all handwashing and drying touchpoints. Available in a variety of models and finishes, the WashBar is designed to work with the basin to keep water contained with no dripping on floors.

Matching Verge soap dispensers and faucets are also available in a selection of styles and finishes to complement any washroom design. These touchless handwashing pairs convey a beautiful aesthetic and unify the look of today’s commercial washrooms.

Call 1-800-BRADLEY or e-mail Abigail.heppe@bradleycorp.com for more information.

Multiplast Systems Inc.

Green Lodging News has added Multiplast Systems Inc. to its Green Product & Service Directory in the Bio-enhanced Degradable Additives category. MultiPlast Systems Inc. produces and sells Bio-Enhanced Degradable Additive (BEDA®) to plastic manufacturers and distributors worldwide. The look, feel, performance and integrity are not changed when BEDA® is added.

BEDA®’s benefits truly begin when product is dumped into a landfill. Since 75.8 percent of plastic ends up in a landfill, this becomes a highly valued and legitimate solution to increase the degradation process in landfills versus products that have no additive. BEDA provides a natural solution to combat this worldwide problem.

For more information, contact Jeff Apisdorf at (440) 349-0800 or e-mail japisdorf@multiplastsystems.com.

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