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Auto-Chlor Highlights Its New A6 Dish Machine


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.—Auto-Chlor, a national leader in the production, installation, and service of energy-saving dishwashers, now offers the A6 EnergySaver Dish Machine in its line of high-efficiency machines. The A6 Dish Machine offers dual-mode sanitizing and a high-speed 45-second wash cycle, cleaning and sanitizing up to 72 racks per hour. Because of its water-efficient technology, the A6 dishwasher is NSF-rated, using as little as 0.69 gallons of water per wash cycle.

The A6 machine is available in 208 or 204-volt and single or three-phase power options. The machine features integrated controls and pumps, cutting the need to mount chemical feeders on the wall while ensuring the proper detergent and chemical disposal amount, every time. The A6’s physical design includes three doors, making it ideal for both in-line or corner positioning. An integrated food scrap accumulator speeds up pre-wash employee rinse time and prevents clogged drains. These design features offer peak efficiency and operational benefits for those using the A6 Dish Machine. The A6’s integrated booster heater maintenance is included with Auto-Chlor’s 28-day Route Service.

Along with the A6’s water-efficient design is an integrated booster heater controlled with Auto-Chlor’s TempWatch temperature monitoring system, ensuring the wash and rinse water temperatures are consistent and correct through each cycle. This is especially important when utilizing the A6 as a high-temp dishwasher. The booster heater included with the A6 model heats water to 180º during the rinse cycle—effectively removing grease and detergent and sanitizing through the sheer heat of the water. This option also speeds up post-wash drying times and doesn’t require an additional sanitizing chemical.

When utilizing the A6 as a low-temp machine, a chemical sanitation bath is needed in addition to the regular detergent wash cycle, but using the machine at a lower temperature reduces the water heating energy by 35 percent and the washing energy by more than half. Auto-Chlor’s experts help establishments determine which option best suits their needs. With A6’s dual-mode sanitizing, both high-temp and low-temp sanitizing options are readily available.

Auto-Chlor’s Route Service guarantees all Auto-Chlor machines are cleaned, maintained, and properly equipped with the necessary chemical solutions for optimal use. In addition to the regular maintenance and service visit, Auto-Chlor additionally offers 24/7 coast-to-coast service with a 2-hour emergency response time. Auto-Chlor prides itself on being able to provide comprehensive emergency visits, with no diagnostic and service wait time, ensuring all customers maintain the most up-time possible for their establishments.

Learn more about the A6 Dish Machine here: https://www.autochlor.com/a6/.