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NSF Announces First Gold Certification for Sustainable Resilient Flooring


ANN ARBOR, MICH.—NSF International announced that Mannington is the first floor covering company to be independently certified to NSF Draft Standard 332-2007 Gold Certification for commercial inlaid resilient flooring. The new NSF Draft Standard provides an effective means to evaluate the sustainability of floor coverings.

As products with sustainability claims continue to inundate the market, NSF 332 provides end users with the most credible sustainability or “green” claim available in the marketplace—independent certification. This certification also allows consumers to make informed decisions when it comes to understanding and purchasing such products.

Certification recognizes the Mannington brand as an environmentally preferable product (EPP Certified) for meeting the rigorous requirements of the Sustainability Assessment for Resilient Floor Coverings standard. EPP refers to products that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products that serve the same purpose.

Comprehensive Evaluation

NSF’s evaluation of Mannington’s products covered intensive evaluation of environmental performance in manufacturing, total company policies and practices, and specific product attributes.

“We’re proud to be the very first company to achieve this level of certification for our commercial inlaid resilient products,” said Dave Kitts, vice president-Environment for Mannington. “This certification continues to demonstrate our leadership in environmental improvement and our unrelenting commitment to develop more and higher quality sustainable products,” Kitts said.

“The overall goal of our certification program is to improve the sustainability profile of resilient floor coverings and, over time, allow the industry to achieve higher levels of sustainable manufacturing,” said Petie Davis, manager for NSF’s Sustainability Services. “Mannington was the first company to seek certification for sustainable resilient flooring, which reflects their commitment to finding solutions to environmental design issues within the flooring industry.”

For additional information on certification to the sustainability assessment standard for resilient floor coverings, contact Petie Davis at sdavis@nsf.org or 734-827-6810.