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DSIRE Website is Excellent Source for Rebate, Incentive Information


Justifying investments in resource-saving products and technologies has gotten easier lately thanks to utility costs that just won’t stop increasing. If you are still on the fence, however, about spending money, you should check out a website run by the North Carolina Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. The site, called DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency), is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. A U.S. map on the DSIRE home page makes it easy to quickly locate incentive programs.

The website provides a glossary of terms to help one understand the differences between grant programs, property tax incentives, utility rate discounts, and leasing/lease purchase programs. The site allows one to search by criteria such as eligible sector, incentive type, and technology. A library includes reports and presentations covering such areas as “State Solar Policy: Current Status & Future Outlook.”

It does not matter what size property you own or run, incentive programs are available. The number of programs varies by state. The Oregon page, for example, includes a long list of utility rebate programs. Florida’s, on the other hand, while still offering a fair number, has about half as many.

It is foolish not to look into incentive programs. Through one program in California, for example, it is possible to have guestroom energy management systems installed at no cost. Through a utility in Wisconsin, one can receive up to $10,000 a year for lighting and other types of upgrades. Research incentive opportunities before making any purchase related to energy or water efficiency. Also be sure to ask your suppliers about incentive programs. You will be glad you did.

Click here to access the DSIRE website.

Green Lodging News Welcomes Free Clean Solar as Directory Partner

Green Lodging News welcomes Free Clean Solar as a Green Product & Service Directory partner. The Free Clean Solar website provides a list of solar installers as well as lenders that finance solar panel installations for hotels, restaurants and casinos. The company’s solar power calculator tool shows how to save money on utility bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The website makes it easy to get quotes on solar projects and provides access to rebate information. For additional information, call (888) 498-3331, e-mail info@freecleansolar.com, or go to www.freecleansolar.com.

500 Trees and Counting

Last December, Green Lodging News launched its “Buy an Ad, Plant a Tree” campaign. I am happy to report that this past week Green Lodging News reached the 500-trees-planted mark. Donations have been sent to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant that many trees as part of the Foundation’s Trees for America Reforestation project. Green Lodging News will continue to donate a small portion of the revenue generated from each ad to the Arbor Day Foundation. Thank you to the many sponsors of Green Lodging News who have helped in this effort. Click here for more information.

Green Product & Service Directory

The Green Lodging News Green Product & Service Directory now includes 52 different categories. If your company is a supplier to the lodging industry but has not yet been included in the Directory, contact me at (440) 243-2055, or by e-mail at the address below. Next to the home page, the Directory is the most visited section of the Green Lodging News website.

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