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Notu Design Launches Ultimate No-Touch Tool


ORANGE COUNTY, CALIF.—Notu Design has unveiled Notu One, an all-in-one, pill-shaped no-touch tool for opening doors, signing receipts and using touchscreens. Notu Design is a fresh new brand from the innovative design team at Gruv Inc. They are behind the globally-distributed brands Gruv Gear and Krane.

The ergonomic design of the Notu One is easy to grip and feels comfortable in the hand while addressing the issue of contamination from exposed surfaces such as door handles, pens and public touchscreens. A clever magnetic-mounted hook slides out quickly to open doors and slides right back into the aluminum casing, keeping hands away from bacteria and viruses. The Notu One also includes a convenient pen for signing paper receipts, and a capacitive stylus for use on touchscreens and keypads, making it an indispensable everyday carry (EDC) accessory for more touchless interactions.

The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has brought out a surge of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and shields, hand sanitizers and no-touch tools. Most of the touchless door openers are not retractable. Once used and placed in a pocket or bag they do not cover the surface that interacted with, say, the contaminated door handle and so exposes the user to the very germs they were trying to avoid. The Notu One’s unique retractable design keeps the potentially contaminated hook surface from ever touching the user’s hands.

‘No-Touch Tool Done Right’

Jay Baldemor, Founder and Chief Designer at Notu Design, shares, “We believe it’s the no-touch tool done right. At the start of the year we started seeing these keychain-style tools that were cool and small, but the fundamental problem was after using the tool on something you didn’t want to touch, it’s right there completely exposed for your fingers to contract germs. You reach in your pocket and touch what you tried avoiding in the first place, so it seemed almost pointless.”

Unlike other small, thin metal no-touch tools that slip over fingers, the larger body of the Notu One is easy, comfortable and friendly to hold while being safer to use. “I had a friend lose his finger when he fell off a ladder while wearing a ring,” adds Jay. “It was a freak accident, his ring got caught on a rivet when he slipped, and his finger just ripped right off. I cringed thinking about having those no-touch ‘ring’ tools doing the same while holding a door handle and someone unknowingly pulls the door the other way. We believe we’ve designed a much safer product with the Notu One.”

The patent-pending design of the Notu One touch-free tool features lightweight aluminum, handsome anodized finishes, including an antimicrobial brass-plated option, and a pleasing minimalist aesthetic that’s a joy to use. It is perfectly sized to fit most hands of all ages, and a godsend for people with joint and arthritic pains to enjoy a larger comfy grip. The Notu Design team already has several inventions under its belt and plans to release more patent-worthy products ahead.

To find out more about the Notu One, or to keep up to date with the company’s latest designs, go to www.notudesign.com.