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Nora Lighting Releases Three New Catalogs


COMMERCE, CALIF.—Nora Lighting has released three new catalogs to assist Nora representatives in their marketing activities: a comprehensive Pocket Guide/Edition 9; the Product Preview/Summer 2019; and a Linear/Accent Lighting Catalog. The literature is available free to industry professionals by calling Nora at (800) 686-6672, e-mailing marketing@noralighting.com, or by downloading at noralighting.com. 

Nora Pocket Guide /Edition 9—The 360-page Pocket Guide features more than 2,000+ residential and commercial lighting products and accessories, with a special emphasis on Nora’s state-of-the-art LED series. Designed as a quick reference tool, the Pocket Guide offers detailed information on all Nora products with individual photos, specification charts, photometrics and sample layouts. Colorful installation images showcase the versatility of Nora luminaires in residential and commercial applications. Nora’s LED products include recessed lighting, track and rail fixtures, MLS multiple lighting systems, linear and accent lighting, pendants and cylinders, step lights, exit and emergency, drivers and transformers. In addition, the catalog also includes line voltage and low voltage luminaires.

Nora Product Preview/Summer 2019—The Product Preview highlights the latest innovations in the company’s LED line and presents an overview of Nora capabilities and range of products. Among the newest are Nora’s Quartz Downlights with Tunable White and Tunable Wattage; Adjustable Sapphire II Downlights; Tunable White Onyx Retrofit Downlights; and M1 1” Downlights. New Iolite LED Multiples (MLS); Iolite High Lumen Downlights; and M2 2” Recessed Downlights are also previewed. The 20-page brochure was showcased at Lightfair in Philadelphia and is now available by request.

Nora Linear/Accent Lighting Catalog—Nora’s Linear/Accent Lighting catalog highlights site specific products: Silk LED Lightbar; LED LEDUR and LEDUR TW (Tunable White) under cabinet; Bravo FROST LED linear; NULS LED linear; Nora’s extensive series of 10 LED Tape Lights, including RGB, CCT and Hy-Brite; Josh LED Puck; and M1 Miniature Downlight.

Nora’s linear and accent fixtures are compact in design and can be specified in a variety of discrete applications, including: under cabinet, niches and display cabinets, shelves, closets, furniture and coves, under bar tops, toe-kicks and more.