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Pure Wellness Selects Trevelino/Keller for Digital Marketing, PR


ATLANTA—Full-service digital public relations and marketing firm, Trevelino/Keller, has been engaged by Pure Wellness to help secure the company’s position as a leader in hotel guestroom wellness solutions. Trevelino/Keller is spearheading digital marketing, creative, and public relations that align with Pure Wellness’ focus of enabling hotel partners to better serve the growing wellness-minded business and lifestyle traveler market.

The stress and wear of frequent travel are tied to detrimental health outcomes—from long-term conditions such as obesity and cardiovascular disease to more immediate physical, behavioral and mental health issues. Pure Wellness, via its Pure Room service offering, offers a guestroom experience that promotes well-being; thereby, placing hotels in a much stronger position to focus on the health preferences of their guests. Through a comprehensive, eco-friendly, and patented seven-step process that includes deep-cleaning and disinfecting, treating all surfaces and equipment, and installing a medical-grade air purifier, a certified Pure Room offers purified air, a hypoallergenic environment, and allergy-friendly bedding.

“Generally speaking, the hotel industry does not take a holistic approach when servicing the wellness-minded traveler, which means they miss opportunities to offer an experience that leads to greater health, productivity, and performance for their guests,” says Larry Hall, CEO for Pure Wellness. “We represent the leader in services that create and maintain guestrooms that address the well-being of hotel guests. We found it critically important to bring in a partner equally committed to our objective with a passion for well-being to help us solidify our market position.”

Trevelino/Keller brings 16 years of experience in brand reputation to the partnership. After seeing the firm’s rich experience in the health and wellness industry—which includes Stretch Zone, Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa, United Healthcare, and Nore Women’s Health—Pure Wellness enlisted Trevelino/Keller to conduct market research as well as develop a strategy to strengthen its industry presence with a fresh take on the guestroom experience.

“The wellness industry focus is shifting beyond merely beautifying our bodies to activities and lifestyle choices that heal us more deeply—a more mindful well-being. Wellness isn’t just about healing physically, but also nourishing our minds and environment through reflective practices that uplift each person to be their best,” notes Dean Trevelino, principal at Trevelino/Keller. “As these trends toward preventative health measures continue to grow, we have the opportunity to position Pure Wellness as a brand that addresses the rigors of travel for business and what is supposed to be, travel for pleasure.”