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NEWH Leadership Conference Heads to San Francisco in 2013


SAN FRANCISCO—The biennial NEWH Leadership Conference will be held in San Francisco, January 25 to 26 at the Grand Hyatt Union Square. “We chose San Francisco partly because that is where NEWH’s most-recently chartered chapter is located, and we wanted to show off the chapter and allow them an opportunity to show off for the rest of the organization,” explains Mark Huntsinger, NEWH, Inc.’s director of leadership conferences. “They have done a phenomenal job in building a very vibrant and relevant chapter, and that is exciting to experience.”

The tagline of the conference is Bridge to Success, linking the location with the event’s objective—to provide information, training, and networking to help attendees become more successful in their business. “The underlying theme is the ‘New Normal,’” says Huntsinger. “The business landscape has changed fundamentally; tomorrow’s environment will be different, but no less rich in possibilities for those who are prepared. Our objective is to help the attendees (and everyone in the organization) become better prepared for the new normal.”

The two-day event will boast a variety of speakers, including keynoter Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, now JT Hospitality/Commune Hotels, who is also a well-respected speaker and author of PEAK Organizations and Transforming the Way Business Is Done.

“The January 2011 Leadership Conference was met with such enthusiasm and glowing reviews that the 2013 conference is being anticipated with a great deal of optimism and excitement,” Huntsinger says. “The bar was set pretty high last year, but I know we can produce a conference in 2013 that will be even better.”

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