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New Tornado Vacuum Cleaner CRI Green Label Certified


CHICAGO—Tornado announced that its recently released CK LW 13/1 vacuum cleaner has just earned the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label certification. The Green Label on a vacuum cleaner tells users that the machine meets the highest standards of operation, efficiency and performance, which can help lower overall cleaning costs and improve worker productivity, as it protects the environment.

To earn the certification, the performance of the vacuum cleaner is evaluated in three key areas:

• Soil removal—how efficiently the machine removes soil from a test carpet area;
• Dust containment—the amount of dust released into the air when using the vacuum cleaner; and
• Carpet appearance retention—the impact of the machine on maintaining and protecting the carpet’s appearance.

According to Kyle McCabe, an engineer with Tornado, the CK LW 13/1 was introduced to distributors in May of this year.

“It is an eight-pound, HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner, and it uses a newly designed filter bag to further trap soils—yet ensure maximum airflow,” McCabe says.

The new vacuum cleaner is part of a “suite” of professional cleaning equipment Tornado is introducing this year. The products are all designed to be highly efficient, cost effective, and help improve worker productivity without compromising quality.

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