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Continental’s New Drying Tumblers Bolster Energy Efficiency


OSHKOSH, WISC.—Continental Girbau Inc. introduces an advanced generation of Pro-Series dryers designed to escalate efficiency, production and safety. Available in 30-, 40-, 60-, 85-, 125- and 175-pound capacities, Pro-Series II Drying Tumblers are equipped with quality internal components, easy-to-use programmable microprocessor controls and a multitude of features proven to deliver productivity and professional results for any on-premise or industrial laundry, according to Joel Jorgensen, vice president of sales and customer services at Continental.

A highly advanced microprocessor control offers up to four timed-dry or auto-dry cycles and a no-heat cycle. An anti-wrinkle feature reduces the occurrence of wrinkles by initiating an unheated airflow and tumble action after the end-of-cycle signal.

“By controlling and simplifying the drying process, laundries become more streamlined and productive,” Jorgensen says. “No matter what you’re drying, Pro-Series Dryers are programmable for high-quality results.”

Several key features contribute to the advanced energy efficiency of Pro-Series II Dryers. They are designed with an instant electronic ignition, which reduces drying time and conserves energy; a modular electrical system for added reliability and easy servicing; and a multiple-burner heat system to efficiently reach desired temperatures.

“These features combine with perfectly balanced airflow and heat-energy input to effectively reduce energy costs,” Jorgensen says.

Built With Durability in Mind

Contributing to ease of use, an extra large door provides easy loading and unloading. The reinforced metal door bar allows quick access to laundry while simultaneously protecting the tumbler from outside impacts. Conveniently accessible components simplify maintenance. All Pro-Series II tumblers are designed with features to enhance durability.

“Durable equipment is crucial for industrial operations responsible for processing high volumes of laundry,” Jorgensen says.

The tumblers feature dual motors, steel front, side and top panels coated inside and out with electrostatically applied, baked-on paint, and numerous other features contributing to increased linen and machine life. Pro-Series tumblers in 30-, 40-, 60- and 85-pound capacities also feature a stainless steel backplate. Its polished mirror finish reduces friction against tumbling laundry and extends linen life. Pro-Series II large-capacity models (60-, 85-, 125- and 175-pound capacities) are designed with radial airflow, a system that captures heated intake air and evenly distributes it throughout the cylinder.

“Radial airflow provides maximum load separation for big loads and bulky items and utilizes the tumbler’s complete capacity for quick, even drying,” Jorgensen says. “As heated air is released from the top of the basket, linens fall and separate throughout the entire cylinder. Simultaneously, heated air is pushed through and around the load, eliminating hot spots and expediting the drying process.”

Because safety is crucial, Pro-Series II large-capacity dryers also have optional sensitive Integrated Sprinkler Systems (ISS), a sensing and extinguishing device designed to squelch dryer fires before they get out of hand. Pro-Series II small-capacity models (30- and 40- pound capacities) feature axial airflow, a system that directs heated air through the basket. Lifting ribs inside the drum prevent tangling and keep air constantly flowing through the load.

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